Pre-Construction Programme

A Gant chart that schedules all the work necessary to prepare a project through the design, consent and pricing stage. The document shows the professionals involved, the work packages that they will carry out including deliverables by Steele-Perkins and the time allocated to each task. This is an essential management tool that illustrates milestone dates such as Building Regulation plan check, discharge of planning conditions, tender issue and ultimately the target start date for site works.

Necessary and provided for all projects.


Pre-Construction “Design Team” management to an agreed programme

Pre-Construction preparation is a time consuming and essential process which is crucial to the success of your project. We steer Clients through the maze of requirements and take away the hassle, by managing this process we will reduce the time it takes to prepare your project for building work to start. We introduce you to the necessary professionals required for your project, co-ordinate their work and manage the design, consent and tender process with the use of the Pre- Construction programme.

  • Silver: We will co-ordinate up to 4 professionals (EG. Architect, Engineer, Surveyor, H&S consultant) and up to 3 support services (Soil survey, drain survey, environmental survey).
  • Gold: As silver up to 5 professionals (EG. Add M&E consultant) and up to 4 support services
  • Platinum: As silver up to 6 professionals (EG: Interior designer) and up to 5 support services


Scope of Works

The SOW is an important document, it enables accurate pricing of the building works and is also used as the cost control document throughout the build when requests are made for payment. The detail of the SOW will include provisions for trades as well as fixtures and fittings to be used in the project. This is a document that SP prepare for tender and the information is collated from the design team drawings, specifications and our clients input.

Necessary for all projects and quoted dependant on project complexity.


Establishing suitable contractor lists for pricing by Tender

Selecting appropriate Contractors to price by competitive tender is important as is the time they are contacted. If you do not have builders that you would like to invite to tender Steele-Perkins can identify and vet contractors before including them on the tender list.

  • Platinum: Includes vetting for up to 4 contractors.


Specialist supplier procurement and pre-construction management

Often Clients ask for a choice of suppliers outside of a main contract tender. Examples include, kitchens, staircases, glazing packages, specialist joinery, audio visual. Steele-Perkins where appropriate recommend suppliers to present their product, lead time and cost. This will require specific information from project designers in order to achieve a comparison on the service / product. We brief, co-ordinate and manage the specialists (shown within the pre-construction programme). Benefits to Clients include, dovetailing design and lead times with the programme, we reduce chances of delays on site, cost savings.

  • Platinum: Includes working with up to 3 specialist suppliers (subject to discussion on required packages)


Tender Process – Competitive pricing by tender, detailed analysis, agree build Contract

The tender process allows for competitive pricing in all market conditions. One of the objectives is to prepare detailed and quality information, this is issued by Stele-Perkins to the pre-approved contractors to price by invitation within a specific period and responding with requested information. On receiving the tender bids we carry out a detailed analysis and present to our clients. We work with one contractor to finalise costs, agree contract terms and prepare and arrange the signing of a standard form of Building Contract.

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