We help homeowners, property investors, self-builders and developers prepare for and manage building projects.
Building Project Management has 3 stages, we efficiently steer your project through the maze of requirements and save you time and money.
As independent client project managers we share and introduce our contacts to you which extend across all professional services including architecture, planning, engineering, health and safety, mechanical and electrical services, surveying, quantity surveying, interior design, landscaping to name a few. Naturally we have contacts in all trades, and specialist suppliers and are happy to make recommendations.

For more information or to discuss your project please give us a call.


Pre Construction Phase

Pre – Construction

Preparing projects for building work takes time, effort, skills and resources. It’s a crucial stage of any project, no matter how you intend to procure or build your project the better you prepare your pre-construction the better placed you will be for a project to be delivered smoothly at the build stage. We help our clients from the get-go, this includes introductions to professional services, briefing the design team and managing the design, consents / permissions, specialists, budgeting and contractor selection process. Our key services include:

  • Pre-Construction programme. A timeline that sets out and schedules who is responsible for specific tasks, how long they will taken. The programme is bespoke to your project and will set a target start date for the build.
  • Proactive Design Team Management. Projects always have multiple consultants (architects, engineers, designers, surveyors, specialist package installers) and this team must be managed along with the information flow that they will need to facilitate their work.
  • Utility Management. New mains infrastructure for gas, electric, water, broadband or alterations to existing supplies.
  • Scope of Works / Bill of Quantities. Pricing document prepared for building contractors to price work
  • Introduction of Building Contractors.
  • Specialist supplier procurement and pre-construction management
  • Tender process. Competitive pricing by tender followed by a detailed tender analysis, cost progression to reach an agreed Contract sum.
  • Pre-Contract admin. Insurances, build programme, standard form of building Contract.
Construction Phase


All building projects need management, we are independent project managers working for our clients who are home owners, property investors and small to medium sized developers. Through our experience of working on all types of residential building projects we provide tailored and flexible project management or project monitoring services to you and this allows us to provide you with exactly the right level of support and to a fixed fee cost over an agreed period of time. Our key services include:

  • Site monitoring and reporting. Site meetings at an agreed frequency, review of all on site activity for progress and quality, updates, problem solving, look ahead discussion on programme, design, incoming specialists or materials. Site notes issued with actions.
  • Project Management. A comprehensive role where we manage all aspects of your project, design team, main contractor, suppliers, specialists.
  • Contract Administration. Cost control, reporting, administration and management of changes of design.

If you have completed your pre-construction work and are now considering the build and how you might manage this please get in touch, we are always happy to talk.


Post Construction Phase

Post Construction

Reaching the end of your building work is always exciting and rewarding. We are here to help ensure that the project is finished to a high standard, it meets with all regulations and is certified accordingly, that any pre-construction red tape / conditions are signed off and that the final financial account is agreed. Our key services include:

  • Certification with Building Control and Structural Warranty
  • Final financial account
  • Management of the agreed defects period and release of retention fund.

Bespoke services

We understand that building projects can be procured in a handful of ways, and that people have different levels of experience, time and contacts. This combined with the wide variety of construction methods, such as traditional build, timber frame off site fabrication or modular can change the dynamics of how a project is managed through pre-construction and build stage. We have experience of managing projects with these types of construction, and with clients who would like to be hands on or hands off.

We provide a flexible service to ensure that we are providing exactly what you need whilst giving you maximum value. Our services are built around those shown here, but they extend beyond this and our fee proposals include the detail.

If you are looking for a professional independent project manager then please get in touch today.

Essential Home Services

Essential Home Services

This is our free check on all your existing home services, including gas, electric, landline and broadband, home insurance and mobile phones. Oliver is an authorised distributor for Utility Warehouse and helps people by saving them money.

Utility Warehouse is very different to other suppliers because they’re a club – a Discount Club. They provide over 600,000 customers throughout the UK with substantial savings on a wide range of utility services including home phone, mobiles, broadband, gas and electricity. And all your essential utility services come on just one monthly bill, which makes life so much simpler! They also offer the UK’s most generous CashBack card/  There are other benefits too, including free LED light bulbs for your home (terms apply) to find out more or to become a distributor please call Oliver.


After a discovery call with you and understanding what you are looking to achieve with your project we are able to prepare you a proposal. Naturally, the more information you are able to provide or if we have had an initial meeting at your project address then the simpler it will be to assess what services and support you might need. We will email you a detailed fee proposal that will focus on the specific requirements of the project and those discussed with you.

Our fees are calculated as follows:

Stage 1. Pre-Construction. All work is broken down into a sequenced order and each is quoted with a fixed cost.

Stage 2. The build. Fixed fees based on the help and support we have agreed

Stage 3. Post-Construction. We provide a quote and fixed cost to close your project.

Ad-hoc services. Ask us if you need support for one off items, a site visit or two and we’ll be happy to provide a quote.

Essential Home Services. Free. Face to face meeting to quote.